How to Smoke Hash for The Best Experience

Hash has been a popular medicinal and recreational substance for thousands of years. It hails from the Middle East, where it has been used for millenia for purposes of sacrament, pain relief and for pure enjoyment.

Unfortunately, some of the secrets about how to smoke hash have been lost to the ages. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though – this has also led to a number of new and unique ways that you can smoke hash.

Technology and innovation has continued to improve and as such, there are lots of possible ways for someone to get a good buzz off of hash.

In this article we’ll explain some of the best, most popular and most effective ways that you can smoke hash so you can enjoy the ultimate experience.

how to smoke hash

What Exactly Is Hash?

Understanding exactly what hash is can be useful for helping you to understand why it needs to be smoked a bit differently than regular cannabis.

Marijuana, which is most popular in Western countries, comprises the entire bud, or flower, of the cannabis plant. Hashish, which is more popular in regions of Africa and the Middle East, consists mainly of the pressed trichomes of the cannabis plant.

The trichomes are the crystalline structures that you can see on buds of marijuana, and they contain the active compounds – known as cannabinoids – which get you high.

To prepare marijuana, generally the buds of the plant are dried and processed. This is simple enough. Preparing hashish requires a bit more dedication. Finger hash – the original form – was made by rolling buds of marijuana around with the fingers and then scraping off the trichomes that stuck to the hands.

Other forms of hash involve processing the trichomes with the ideal temperature. Whatever the process, the end result is a brick or nugget of pure trichomes – generally much more potent than marijuana.

However, there is also much less raw plant material. This is why hash needs to be smoked differently.

How to Smoke Hash

Hash can be smoked using many of the same tools that you use to smoke regular marijuana.

The main thing that you need to adjust is the temperature that you use to smoke the hash. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use a different lighter or anything, just that you need to have more control.

Direct heat from a lighter can actually damage the trichomes. Your best bet is to apply the flame lightly, or to use some form of indirect heat – like a cherry – to vaporize the trichomes.

Using a Pipe

Using a pipe is one of the simplest ways to smoke hash. However, there are some things to consider when smoking hash.

  • Hash works very well as an additive to a bowl that’s already packed with weed. The cherry that you get when the weed is ignited allows the trichomes in the hash to vaporize, ensuring a better hit.
  • If you aren’t using bud to pack your bowl, you should definitely use a screen. This will prevent the hash from hardening and clogging the bowl.

Smoking a Hash Joint

While it’s possible to smoke a joint made entirely of hash, it’s going to smoke very slowly. It will be difficult to light, and will give you some serious trouble.

If you want to smoke hash in a joint, your best bet is to sprinkle it into a joint that’s already got some marijuana or tobacco in it. Hash also makes an excellent addition to herbal smoke mixes, and goes well with things like damiana and mullein.

Using Hot Knives

Hot Knives are one of the most effective – and entertaining – ways to smoke hash. If you’ve never done a hotknife, you should try one as soon as possible. Just make sure to be careful – there are tons of potheads boasting terrible scars on their faces from mishandling a hotknife.

To do a hotknife, stick a standard butter knife in the coil of the element on your stove and crank it up to max. Put a ball of hash on a separate knife.

While the knife is heating up, roll up a tube or use something like a paper towel tube so that you can inhale the smoke when it’s ready. When the first knife is red-hot, put the tube in your mouth and touch the knife to the ball of hash on the other knife.

Push the knives together. This will vaporize all the trichomes. Inhale the smoky vapor and enjoy the experience.

Dab Your Hash

It’s certainly possible – and quite effective – to dab your hash. In a practical sense, dabbing follows the same scientific principles as using a hotknife. The main difference is that a dab rig costs a heck of a lot more and, in some circles, looks ‘cooler’.

To dab your hash, simply replace the shatter or wax that you would typically be dabbing with hash. Apply some hash to your dabbing tool, heat up the nail, touch the two together and inhale the vapor through the dab.

Make sure that you clean your dab rig after a hash session, though. When using shatter and wax, there is a minimal residue of organic residue. This isn’t the case with hash – there is often some leftover residue. If you don’t clean this out, it can interfere with the flavor of future dabs.

Final Thoughts On How To Smoke Hash

These are 4 of the most popular and effective ways to smoke your hash. While there are other possibilities, you will generally run the risk of wasting hash or injuring yourself. These guidelines show you the best ways to smoke your hash while reducing waste and risk.

Remember, use all things in moderation. It is possible to develop a tolerance to hash, which can lead to financial issues and, with extreme use, health issues.

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