The Legendary Purple Kush: A Review

Among the nominees for the most well-known and legendary cannabis strains, Purple Kush stands as one of the tallest. This attention-catching, beautifully purple strain is well-known for its landrace indica heritage and out-of-this-world taste. This heavy heavy-hitter, couch-sitter and breath-taker strain will leave you in want of more – if you’re able to still get up after experiencing its sedative effects!

Let’s get into more detail on where Purple Kush actually came from, its appearance and its medicinal effects!

Purple Kush Appearance

purple kush strain

Unsurprisingly, Purple Kush is named after the colours of this strain’s dense, medium-sized buds. While certainly eye-catching, Purple Kush can be as much green in colour as purple, depending on the growing conditions. The purple hues typically come from being grown in areas with colder night-temperatures. This reaction is similar to the leaves changing colour during Autumn.

Purple Kush will be quite sticky due to its thick resin coating, especially on its curled leaves. The hairs will be very orange and contrast against the dark-green to purple leaves, which will be absolutely glistening in trichomes. This bud is very dense and features a coarse texture. Purple Kush buds tend to grow in small pop-corn size nuggets.

Like most indicas, Purple Kush will stay quite low to the ground and bushy.

Although this strain is named “Purple Kush,” many other strains such as Grape Ape, Granddaddy Purple and Purple Haze also feature distinctively purple and/or lavender coloured leaves.

Tip: Save your trimmings and some of the smaller fan leaves and grind into a coarse tea, the green and purple mixture will create a beautiful cuppa!

Purple Kush Origins

Purple Kush was created somewhere between the 60s and 70s in the US although the exact location is heavily disputed, as is the exact year. Cultivators at the time didn’t keep strict records of the cannabis they were producing.

What’s known for certain is that Purple Kush is the result of two pure indica landrace strains – Hindu Kush and Afghani Kush. With 2 purebred indica parents, this strain’s sedative properties are not to be underestimated.

What To Expect With Purple Kush

If we haven’t stressed enough that this is a potent indica, then its effects will definitely make an impression on you.

Upon first inhale, the sweet aromas of juicy grapes makes its presence known. As the joint burns down, you’ll experience equally fruity and pungent notes of herbaceous pine and pepper. Perhaps Purple Kush’s most famous feature is its syrup-like exhale which leaves hints of sweet grape juice on the tongue.

Moving on to the effects, it’s safe to say that insomnia runs away at the sight of Purple Kush. Euphoria and relaxation take over initially and bodily pain starts to disappear. Bodily sedation takes over shortly after and encourages a shift towards the comfort of your pillow and comforter. Expect the effects of Purple Kush to last 2-3 hours before the effects start to fade.

Medicinal and Therapeutic Uses

shutterstock 320898833Insomnia and pain are certainly the biggest pain points that Purple Kush targets. Very few strains put you to sleep as effectively and quickly as Purple kush. And with Afghani landrace genetics, it’s no surprise why Purple Kush is so effective. The middle-east has always been revered for its strong teas and herbal remedies and their cannabis is no different.

Despite the seemingly “down” effects of this strain, its THC levels are great in alleviating anxiety. Just like the rest of our muscles, Purple Kush also relaxes the brain. The busy brain of individuals with anxiety or depression are calmed, quieted and comforted by Purple Kush’s genetic ability to ease the mind into peace, tranquility and relaxation.

If you’re shopping around and find yourself comparing Purple Kush to another indica, definitely give Purple Kush the first go. The other strain can wait!

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