Best Sativa Strains For Your Afternoon

Cannabis plants can be categorized primarily into 2 types – indica and sativa.  Plants classified as Sativas thrive and are endemic to warm climates such as Mexico, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America. They’re known for their tall, fibrous structure with thin, long leaves and less dense flowers.

The ratios of 2 major cannabinoids found in cannabis, ∆9-THC (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are relatively different between plants classified as Sativa and Indica. Indica plants tend to have a higher concentration of THC to CBD than their sativa counterparts.

Sativa plants also tend to require a longer growing time than indica plants.  This is essentially the length of time that it takes for the marijuana flowers to grow. Indicas have a much quicker flowering time, with a timeframe of between forty-five and sixty-five days. Sativas, on the other time, grow much more slowly, with the average range of time being anywhere between sixty and ninety days in total.

Strains classified as sativa tend to have energizing, cerebral effects as opposed to the more relaxing, physical high an indica would offer. However, this is a very broad generalization and cannabis cultivators are continuously blurring the boundaries between sativa and indica cannabis varieties.

How to tell the differences between indica and sativa?

While the cannabis community has generally agreed upon the consensus that sativa strains provide more of a head high while indicas provide more of a body high, the discovery of more complex cannabinoids and reactions happening within the body has made the distinction between indica strains and sativa strains a lot more blurry.

Due to what’s known as the “entourage effect,” medical researchers are beginning to find out that other compounds within the cannabis plant such as terpenes and other cannabinoids have more of an impact on cannabis’ psychoactive effect than previously thought.

Apart from looking at the physical differences between indica and sativa strains, you’ll be hard pressed in figuring out what the true differences between the 2 strains are.

What are the best sativa strains?

At the end of the day, the best type of sativa might be more subjective than objective. You can also speak with the budtenders at dispensaries for their advice, too!  However, if you’re looking for some suggestions about which cannabis strains you should try, we have you covered!

Here are five of the best cannabis sativa options out there, in no particular order.

Jack Herer

sativa strains

Jack Herer is one of the most famous sativa strains and is actually named after the author and cannabis legalization activist  Jack Herer.  The author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” dedicated years combatting and removing the negative social stigma that cannabis carries.

This strain’s THC content typically varies between 15 to 25 percent. Its flavour and aroma are reminiscent of orange, lemon and citrus fruits with notes of peppery spice.

Jack Herer provides its users with a strong cerebral high which energizes before tapering off into relaxation. This strain is perfect for those looking for an afternoon energy boost or a spark of creativity!

Sour Diesel

best sativa strainsSour Diesel features round, medium-sized buds with yellowish-green leaves. Its Red hairs contrast with the densely-packed leaves. When properly cured, the flowers are sticky and will emit a pungent diesel smell, earning this strain its trademark name.

This pungent sativa strain offers energizing, cerebral effects which help with stress, pain, and depression. Its long-lasting relief makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients, easily making it one of the best sativa strains.

The sativa strain quite literally has an aftertaste that mimics the scent of diesel, so you may want to follow up with a beverage of choice to wash out the undesirable aroma that sits on your tongue. Despite the not-so-favorable taste, you’ll find that this strain has incredible cerebral effects that will make you feel calm and vigilant all at once.

Green Crack

5 best sativa strainsWith a THC flower content averaging  16% , Green Crack will have you wide-eyed and focused.  The flavors you’ll taste are hints of tropical fruits like mango, with a tangy twist which make this strain an incredible choice to take during the day,  

Named by Hip Hop icon and Rapper Snoop Dogg, this strain is celebrated for its intense cerebral effects. Despite the lower THC content, this sativa strain remains potent as ever – able to provide its users with intense focus, slight psychedelic effects and a mild energy boost.

Flavours of Earth,  pine and spice shine through with citrus notes undercutting this strain’s aroma profile.

Blue Dream

sativa strains top 5

Out of all of our listed sativa strains, Blue Dream is perhaps the tastiest and most mysterious.  This sativa strain gets its name from its sweet blueberry smell and its psychoactive cerebral effects, but little is known about its true origins.

With a THC range averaging between 17 and 24 percent, Blue Dream delivers a very light yet uplifting effect with some slight sedation. Many medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain for its stress, depression and nausea relieving properties as well due to its 1 to 2 percent CBD content.


the best sativa strains

Compared to other sativa strains, Haze’s THC content doesn’t score as high but that doesn’t mean that this strain’s effects are any less potent! Depending on this strain’s subtype sativa strains, the THC content can range anywhere from 14 to 22 percent.

Haze gives its users an uplifting, social push. Users often report becoming more talkative and open. Haze is often prized by medical patients for its ability to alleviate stress, fatigue and anxiety.

There are many different renditions of the original Haze variety, including Amnesia, Ghost Train, Lemon, Super Lemon, and Super Silver.

Final Thoughts on Sativa Strains

ideal sativa strains

If indica isn’t your cup of tea, then sativa strains are your next best bet. Commonly used for delivering a boost of creativity, energy and invigoration throughout the day, sativa strains tend to be on the opposite of spectrum compared to

Sativa strains are ideal for those of us looking to wake up, stay alert, and be aware of their surroundings! If these sound like characteristics you’re searching for, check out our inventory of sativa strains!  We bet you’ll find one that you love.

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