How To Vape Hash The Right Way

The recent resurgence of hash is a bit of an odd yet welcomed phenomenon. The often-overlooked cannabis concentrate was the first extract ever cultivated. But since the introduction of shatter, honey oil and distillate, it fell out of favour.

Now with the health and purity concerns around other concentrates, the solvent-free extract is once again a sought after commodity. Hippies of the ’70s rejoice!

Long gone are the days where hash was exclusively smoked via joint or tobacco pipe. Thanks to the introduction of vaporizers, the new question is around how to vape hash, especially since it’s a healthier and tastier method.

Vaping hash is a culmination of new and old, bridging the gap between oldtimers and the new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.

With that said, it’s not as easy as you think to vaporize hash. Using this method, your vape will survive the ordeal.

Before we get into how to vape hash, let’s take a quick peek at the history of hash and what exactly it is.

your guide on how to vape hash

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is a potent cannabis concentrate made from the trichomes, also known as kief and resin glands of cannabis. To make hash, you either apply heat or water pressure to the kief, causing them to mould together.

Applied pressure tends to form a stickier, gummier concentrate, which most would call “Afghani Hash,” while the water pressure method produces a crumblier version. This method was first introduced in Morocco and then tweaked in Europe.

Today’s hash market is more or less variations of both methods. With Bubble Hash, produced by cold water pressure being the most popular in North America.

One of the first recorded encounters with hashish is in the legendary Arabic book, 1001 Arabian Nights. The book portrays the story of a once rich man who squanders his fortunes on women. After spending his last penny, he ventures into the desert a poor man, until he finds himself in a Hammam (A Turkish bath). He then proceeds to eat an entire ball of hash and strip himself naked. During his experience, he envisions himself again a wealthy man, until he wakes up to realize the locals are ridiculing him. From that moment on, he began to regain his dignity and pride.

While a great wives tale, it’s validity is murky, to say the least. Yet, that didn’t stop hashish from spreading from the Arabic world to Europe.

How to Vape Hash and Tips

Vaporizing hash is the healthiest method to enjoy the concentrate. Not only is it healthier, but it retains the flavour profile, creating an authentic cannabis experience. However, if done with reckless abandon, it’s a great way to find yourself shelling out $200 for a new vaporizer.

Hash is a resinous product, and by using it in a vaporizer, you run the risk of getting resin where it shouldn’t be. This includes the battery and wiring! Follow these easy steps and you’ll save yourself from troubleshooting your vaporizer.

  1. Pick the Right Vaporizer

Common sense says using a concentrate vaporizer is the best choice. Not so quick. Concentrate vaporizers are designed to vape shatter and honey oils. Hash’s consistency isn’t ideal for them. Thus it’s best to use a dry herb Vaporizer.

Look for vaporizers such as the Pax 3, Arizer Air and Firefly 2+. These are high-quality products, but most importantly, they include temperature control.

Hash requires a higher temperature to vape than cannabis, and if a vape doesn’t reach 180°C, you essentially wasted your lovely product.

If you want to “dab” hash, that’s also an acceptable method. Dab rigs work well for the hash, but require cleaning after every session.

2. Choose a “Crumbly” Hash

As previously mentioned, hash is available in a variety of consistencies. For the sake of your vaporizer’s longevity, select a hash that crumbles, vs. one that is sticky and resinous.

A couple of varieties that come to mind and work wonders are Bubble Hash and Pollen Hash. Both are crumbly in texture and also easy to source. Most cannabis retailers will carry at least one, if not both.

3. Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

Possibly the most crucial step and a revolution in vaporizing hash is Degummed Hemp Fibre. Although the THC, terpenes and cannabinoids in hash will vaporize, the resinous product melts at high temperatures. It then leaks into your vaporizer, destroying the piece.

This is where the Degummed Hemp Fibre comes to save the day.

Degummed Hemp Fibre is similar to wool, except made of, well hemp. Lay a little layer on the bottom of your loading chamber to protect the vape from the melted hash. Once you’re done the session, throw away the Degummed Hemp Fibre and give the vape a little clean.

how to vape hash

4. Break the Hash into Small Pieces

While it’s much easier to throw a glob of has into the vape, it’s not an effective method for consumption. Selecting a hash crumble is the first step; the next process is to crumble it.

If the hash is tougher, carefully use a knife in a cutting board and chop it into little pieces. If the hash breaks apart quickly, sprinkle the concentrate onto your degummed hemp fibre evenly as to ensure a smooth experience.

If your hash is tough, you can “prime” it by running a lighter over it a couple of times, making it fall apart easily.

Once your hash is all crumbled and spread evenly on the degummed hemp fibre, turn the vaporizer on to the right temperature and begin vaping!

Vaping Hash Is Easy With Some Know-How And Caution

Now that you’ve got all the steps down, it’s time to give it a shot. Vaporizing hash is easy and an excellent alternative to smoking it in a bong or with tobacco. Your lungs will thank you later.

Here’s a quick recap to summarize it all up.

  • Select a hash that crumbles to save your expensive vaporizer from residue
  • Use a flower vaporizer; not a concentrates version. Selecting a sturdy build with temperature control to 180°C minimum.
  • Degummed Hemp Fibre is your best friend. It will save your vape and doesn’t alter the hash’s flavour profile.
  • Break the hashish apart to help the vaping process and ensure a smooth melt.
  • Once finished, throw out the resin and hemp fibre. Complete the process by giving the chamber a clean and getting it ready for the next time.

There you have it; we hope you’ve liked learning how to vape hash. Follow our blog for more tips and tutorials on anything cannabis-related.

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